Alexander Vergara's Website from Scratch

Rhetoric and Composition Major

I like to workout, drink beer and play with doggos

I love beer and dogs in no particular order

Welcome to my first ever website. Since this is my first website and it’s about me, I’ve chosen the few topics that are a staple in my everyday life. I’m just having fun with this website, my goal Is to be as creative and free with expression as possible.

A little bit more about me

As I mentioned earlier, I’m currently an English Rhetoric and Composition major at WSU Tri-Cities. Why an English major you ask? Well I figured I’m pretty good at writing, and I needed an (easy) degree as fast as possible so I can commission in the Marine Corps. I joined the Marines when I was 18, and I’ve been in the reserves for almost 6 years now. Just last year I decided I wanted to make the transition into an officer, and that required I get a four-year college degree. So here I am. Working and going to school full time, and attending drill once a month on top of it all. The picture here is me and my girlfriend at my Officer Candidates School graduation at Quantico VA on Aug 11 2018.

I love beer and dogs in no particular order
I am Cannoneer in the Marines