I love BEER, Blondes, Pale Ales, Porters, you name it

I love beer and dogs in no particular order
Fremont Brewery in Seattle

I chose beer as a theme of my website mainly because I love it. I love tasting micro brews. By microbrew I generally mean anything that is not commercial or mass produced. I’m not a raging alcoholic by any means, I just love the taste of a seasonal hazy IPA. I guess you can say I’m as big of a fan of beer as any wine geek would be of wine. I like talking about it,checking out breweries and most importantly drinking it. The whole process itself is just amazing and interesting to me. I would eventually like to try brewing my own beer someday. The fact that you can create something utterly delicious with grains and hops is amazing itself.

Just as I’m writing this I just thought of another reason why I love beer so much! Beer brings people together, it loosens you up and gives people a reason to gather round and share a tasty beverage together. There’s nothing really better than sharing the experience of trying new and delicious beer with a few of your friends!

I love beer and dogs in no particular order