I love Dogs, Boxers and Pitbulls mainly

I love beer and dogs in no particular order
Boxers are my favorite

Doggos, a man’s best friend. Growing up I had a boxer named Max, he was a typical boxer. High energy with low intelligence, they will definitely test your patience. In my personal opinion dogs are better than cats. They are there for you even if you are upset at them because maybe they peed on the carpet, they stand by your side. I think a dog is probably one of the best cures for depression because they are a friend first and foremost, they will always love you, they force you to get up, go outside and exercise. They are vital for human metal health, and there are studies to prove it. I haven’t met a dog that hasn’t put a smile on my face. What I love about doggos is that there are so many different breeds and each one comes with its own personality and traits. I love Boxers and Pitbulls the most. Boxers are playful little weirdos. Pitbulls are protective, loyal, obedient and big ol’ goofballs.

photos by me

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