I love lifting Weights, Running, Hiking and overall health and fitness

I love beer and dogs in no particular order
The latest addition to my homegym setup

Workout is my way of relieving tension from my body and brain. The mind and body work in incredible ways, being able to push your body to its fullest extent starts with your determination. The minute you give up so does your body but if you convince yourself that to push through, you will take yourself to measures you probably didn’t think you could ever get to. Working out is one way I like to push myself. I have even come to loving the pain, the day after a great workout because that’s my body telling me I worked hard.

A lot of people think that you’ll gain respect at a gym by showing off you skills or wearing little to nothing. But respect doesn’t come with who can show off the most at a commercial gym, it’s about the dedication that happens behind the scenes, it’s about who can show up to put the grunt and sweat, it’s about proving to yourself that you’re not weak and that you’re worth more, it’s about pushing yourself. And if you fail, don’t give up- it only means you have more training to do.